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2011 has been a Great year and now that I think about it,  I said the same thing about 2010, 2009, 2008…..well I guess all years are great if you look at them through the right lenses.  

I made many resolutions in 2011 and with one more day to go I can say I have accomplished many of them….

  • Lost 25lbs and did not gain anything over the holidays
  • Started a new career
  • Spent more time with family
  • Gave more time and resources to helping others
  • Raised some livestock (6 pigs to be exact)
  • Made some changes to the farm
  • Learned something new every day (I cannot say I did this every day but I did learn a lot this year and enough to spread over 365 days.)
  • Began a blog but did not blog as much as I had hoped

I have been pondering my 2012 resolution list but more on that in a few days.  

I am very proud of each of my children.  They have accomplished so much and continue to grow each year.   Ben is now driving and we are putting books on his head to keep him from growing any more (6’5″),  CD and I took a photography and Photoshop class this year to learn more about how to use our Nikon’s and Katie is beginning to pursue her love for art and music.   I want to brag on my oldest son Will who is a blessed and gifted musician and song writer.  He was accepted into the School of Music at Belmont University in Nashville, TN this is a big accomplishment and an answer to a big prayer.  He is passionate about music and today released his personal website, check it out at:  www.williamstonemusic.com

A special shout out to my friend Jay Oliver for his encouragement to Will and help in developing, designing and launching the website.

Living the Good Life,