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We rang in 2012 with a bang!!   Oh no, Jan said that was my snoring : )

The new year is here and much like the beginning of 2011,  I find myself at a place of New Beginnings.   So, I decided over the Christmas holiday to change my blog address to, GoodLifeGaston.com.   A fresh title for this new season of my family’s life.   I hope this will become a favorite of yours as I share my journey from a corporate life to the Good Life.

A New Year means new resolutions…….so here are my top 5 for 2012!

  1. Exercise daily, eat better and lose another 20lbs
  2. Write a blog everyday about my journey to the Good Life
  3. Spend more time with family
  4. Raise cows (at least 2)
  5. Learn something new every day

Many of you reading this will be old friends or professional associates, but some will be new faces.   No matter how you know me or come to know me this blog is a journal of my journey from a 20 year career in Corporate America to a life outside of the rat race, a life I am calling the Good Life!  

My prayer is that my words, pictures, and videos of my journey cause feelings of laughter, inspiration and encouragement.  I hope that they will also cause you to question,…..Am I living the Good Life?

BTW..just returned from a Good Life trip to Bald Head Island with family.