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After two months of doing everything else but work on my woodshed I finally returned.  

Clearing for future woodshed

Nice tractor work!

Woodshed framing

Framing begins on woodshed

It all began 5 years ago!

After much research and self-debate I finally decided to invest in an outdoor wood boiler.   Why?   As we where clearing land in the spring of 2011 we had a lot of trees that we needed to take down.   What to do with all that wood?    I really did not want to burn it or bury it.     So it was a good time to once again consider buying an outdoor wood boiler.   We also discovered that many of the trees we took down could be milled for lumber.

Trying to find a way to mill the lumber was a challenge. I did not have a way to haul them to the lumber mill, I did not have the means to set up a sawmill  and I could not find anyone to do a selective cut of trees on my property.  One day while going to get sawdust for our barn I was talking with my supplier and he suggested I stop down the road and talk to the guy at the Mustang shop.   He thought he had a portable sawmill and might be willing to come and mill the logs for me.   I stopped on my way out and to my surprise the guy had a Woodmizer portable sawmill.    That was my ticket to handle the trees we were cutting down. (an amazing thing to watch…and now on my Christmas list for 2012)

Nearly 8 months later I am using the lumber we milled from those trees to build my woodshed and to fuel my outdoor wood boiler.    For those of you that don’t know what I mean when I say an outdoor wood boiler…..It is an outdoor stove that burns wood and heats water which in turn is used to heat all of our hot water, and provides heat to 2 of our heating systems.     In the future it will also provide heat for our pool and a future barn/workshop.

Since I was cutting up all the wood, the boiler was a good way to make use of it.   It will save us several thousand dollars a year in heating costs and help me clear my land of all the trees that have fallen over the years.

The bonus was being able to mill some lumber for my woodshed and other outbuildings on our farm.   Seeing how the sawmill works has also given me the idea to mill the lumber for my future barn/workshop.

Stay tuned as I am sure there will be more to this story…..

WoodShed 1

Rafters Almost complete

Living the Good Life,Woodshed 3