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Some times I like to sit at our kitchen table in the morning drinking coffee and watching the squirrels.   Have you ever really watched a bunch of squirrels?

I see one climbing a tree and a second one joins in the race to the top….no WAIT!  Mid way up one leaps over to the next tree, stops to chew on something for a second then runs again.    Now there are 3 squirrels chasing each other from tree to tree, to storage building roof,  to chicken coop roof, now two of them jump to the ground (hoping that my dogs don’t see them)…STOP!!  one has to look for his nuts he buried last fall.   Times up…. now off to the next tree.

While it reminds me of many days I spent  in corporate life…chasing this project, that issue, this employee problem, that budget proposal….it better resembles how my family communicates every day.

Will (oldest son) comes into the room to discuss music, girlfriend or other things, then Ben (next son) joins in the discussion.   Now Jan asks what we all want for dinner and we talk about dinner for a few seconds, then Katie (daughter) comes in the room to just say how much she loves Justin Bieber and my sons start picking at her.  Here comes son #3, CD to lead the picking charge. He loves to do nothing better than pick on his sister.   Then I ask a question about something we started discussing the day before and all my family looks at me and says, “where did that come from”?   I get the feeling that some how I missed out on part of the conversation the previous day……I must have stopped to search for my nuts!!

You see, most of our discussions whether in the kitchen as a meal is being prepared, at the dinner table, sitting in the living room or in the car as a family resemble the life of a squirrel.  We don’t jump from tree to tree or building to building,  however we do jump from topic to topic and some times we do stop to see if we can find the nuts we buried the day before, last week or even last month!!   Quite frankly I think we are all nuts!!

Living the good life,