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My oldest 2 sons have said for weeks that starting January 1, they were going to start the P90X exercise program.    Last Saturday when we where working on the woodshed I asked them why they needed P90X when they had P90F?

They carried true 2x, rough cut lumber most of the day anywhere from 12ft to 20ft long – 2×6’s, 2×4’s  and 1x’s.  Lifted it in the truck, lifted it out of the truck.  Picked it up off the ground and put it on saw horses.  Made a few cuts with my new heavy worm drive circular saw, then lifted the 2x’s to the roof of the woodshed.

Welcome to P90F where F stands for Farming! or maybe Framing!   I know I was in pain the next day so who needs P90x….come work a day at the Farm.

Living the Good Life,