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Spent the day at the Southern Farm Show in Raleigh, NC on Friday.    I somehow talked my wife into coming with me for an all-day manly farm event!!!   I must be honest there were a few other women there…….

Toys! Toys! and more Toys!….we saw a few cattle, a few dogs and lots of big farm equipment.    There were trucks (Chevy being the best), trailers, log splitters, outdoor wood boilers, and many other toys.   We actually walked under one New Holland boom tractor…and I am 6’2″ and it did not require me to bend over or duck.   Now that is one big tractor.

So what did I fall in love with, you ask?    I have wanted a new farm toy for several years now and they had several at the show.   A few years back I even thought about building one…found plans, estimated the cost but never got around to doing it.   This is a great tool that can save you time and money.    It took me several years to find someone even close to where we live that had one.    It can take trees on your property and cut them up into usable lumber for furniture, barns, outbuildings, and almost any other wood project you want to dream about.

Enough already….what is it!!      Glad you asked.  It is a Wood-Mizer Portable Saw Mill……………………..an LT40, to be exact!!   I can see this in the future at StoneWright Farms!

Living the Good Life,