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We have lived on our small farm for more than seven years now.   In that time, we have seen several beaver dams being built.   During the first few years, there was one that caused flooding in our pasture and we spent countless hours creating holes in it, only to find the dam was rebuilt the next day.    We lurked around at dusk and even at night but we  never saw any beavers.

Over the last two years, we have been watching three dams along the creek that border our property grow.   There is one such dam beside the creek where we have just raised the grade of the land for a horse riding arena.    I was checking out the drainage on the new riding area today in the rain and something caught my eye by the water.

When I looked closer…to my surprise there was a beaver looking at me.   I watched for a few minutes then realized there were two beavers swimming around.    Take a look at my youtube page:     Beavers at StoneWright Farms

Living the Good Life,