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As many of you know, I started keeping honey bees last year.   Had an okay year but no honey…..was hoping to have honey this year so we decided to add 4 hives to our bee yard.

Today…..My friend Chris posted on facebook that he had a bee swarm in a dogwood tree in his front yard.

He was looking for someone to take the bees from his front yard and I was the man for this task today!!     I ran home, picked up my equipment, an empty box, and off I went with the help of my sons.

I have to admit that I was really not sure what I was doing.  I have read a lot about catching swarms but have never seen it done nor have I done it.   I was a little nervous but once I was there and looking at the bees in the trees the excitement hit.

I sprayed the bees with a little sugar water then Ben and I went to work getting the bees into the hive box.    What a rush shaking and brushing several hundred bees off a tree branch……such simple pleasures to make my day.

Living the good life….